Trish Regan: 8 Awesome Amazon Gifts I Got For My 8-Year-Old (And, Still Available for Christmas!)

The last minute crunch is on. Amazon Prime is still delivering in time for Christmas. So, what do you an 8-year-old child? Here are some of my favorite, well-priced gifts ideas that are sure to make any child happy.


Kids LOVE playing with Slime, it’s fun and colorful! I like this kit because it has 50 different colors, glitter, and even glow-in-the-dark slime! (Moms, however, beware. Slime can get QUITE messy, making it that much more FUN for the kids, of course!) 


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My kids can’t get enough legos. Really. They’ll disappear for hours playing with them…creating, building. Legos are a great bet for boys or girls and I love how the building encourages creative thinking. The “creative” kind like this set are my favorites because they encourage freedom in building.


An 8 year old will be thrilled with a drone! I got one my daughter one a couple years ago when she first turned 8, and have continued to select them as gifts for her every year since. She loves them! Again, you can’t go wrong picking this out for boys or girls. My eight year old son will be getting one too. THIS one is a winner for two reasons:

  • It’s an EASY TO FLY KIDS DRONE with “self-flying” features including infrared sensors to avoid obstacles. Each drone is also designed with a kid-friendly webbed shell around it to protect hands and walls
  • INDOOR HOVER DRONES: This means, yes, they can still play with the drone on cold winter days!

4. A Roblox Card

Okay. It’s a little scary how much these kids love this game… I was reluctant at first (“no, video games!” I insisted) but, the coronavirus lockdown converted even me. It’s actually an impressive, creative game that teaches real life economics. Like anything, it has some downsides and it’s important parents keep an eye on their children as they play it. Nonetheless, a Roblox Card (click for link) is the most coveted gift by kids right now! It provides the child with “robux” — which is like the most amazing currency in the world to kids. In fact, my own children seem to know the value of a robux better than an actual U.S. dollar. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, start doing your research. The company is expected to launch an IPO next year and its valuation should be massive. The universe around the company’s videos is massive.

5. Diary of a Wimpy kid books

These books are hysterical and I’m convinced, incentivized my own 8 year old to learn to read. This is the entire set, which I’m pretty sure they’ll read. 

6. Hatchimals

Yes. They hatch. Kids love these because you never know quite what you’re going to get. It makes the “hatchimal” extra special with a big reveal. My 11 year old still loves them!

7. Watercolor kit

A really fun kit! And, moms like me love water colors (because they sure beat oil paints!) This set has many extra bells and whistles plus multiple colors for your budding artist.

8. Hover Soccer Ball

I learned about this from my kids — a “hover soccer ball” is the kind that you can actually play INDOORS. It’s like a nerf ball on steroids – this one is complete with flashing lights. It could come in handy this winter.

Happy shopping!


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