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Former President Trump Speaks Out On Commission to Investigate Jan. 6 Riots

The House of Representatives is expected to pass legislation Wednesday to create a commission to investigate the storming of the Capitol earlier this year,...

New Homes Sales Up a Stunning 66%

Talking about a recovery. New home sales are up a stunning 66.8% from last March's lockdown lows. For the month of March, home owners experienced an...

Disturbing Video: NYC Gang Attack 26 y/o, Beat And Stripp Him Naked In Broad Daylight

The Police Association of the City of New York posted a disturbing video on their Twitter account: "This mob attack happened in Lower Manhattan on...

Tom Cotton Joins Romney In Voting To Certify Joe Biden on Jan 6

Sen. Tom Cotton, the Arkansas Republican joined three other GOP senators, who have declared their intention not to oppose the certification of the electoral...

Ocasio-Cortez: Covid Wouldn’t Have Been So Bad if We Had a Green New Deal in January

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) was a guest on actress Jane Fonda's podcast. When Fonda asked Ocasio-Cortez whether she believed that having a Green...

Trish Regan: Here’s Why Dems Are Hiding Intel On Covid Origin

This is a rush transcript of the Trish Regan Show July 23, 2021 and may be updated. Why don't Democrats want Americans to know the...

Two-Out-of-Three Southern Republicans Want To Secede From U.S. : Poll

According to a new poll, 66% of Republican Southerns want to secede from the United States -- with 43% of Republican Southerners in mountain...

FBI Ridiculed For Seizing LEGO Set In Capitol Protest Investigation

Federal investigators were ridiculed for seizing a LEGO set as evidence against one of the alleged organizers of the Capitol protests. Robert Morss, 27, is...

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