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McCarthy: Maxine Waters Believes There’s ‘Value in Violence’

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) says Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) "believes there is value in violence" and must be censured. In an interview with...

McCarthy: Pelosi Must ‘Take Action’ Against Waters’ ‘Violent Rhetoric’

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy asked House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to take action against Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) for her remarks in Brooklyn Center,...

Trish Regan: Here’s Why Dems Are Hiding Intel On Covid Origin

This is a rush transcript of the Trish Regan Show July 23, 2021 and may be updated. Why don't Democrats want Americans to know the...

Pelosi Bans GOP Picks for Jan 6 Select Committee

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi rejected on Wednesday two out of five proposed Republican representatives for the select committee which will investigate January 6 riots...

Nearly a Third of Democrats Don’t Support the American Flag, Says Poll

Patriotism and a love for the U.S. has steadily declined in recent years as communist and marxist leaders have infiltrated universities and promoted ideas...

California Bans Taxpayer-funded Travel to Republican States

Partisan bickering is on the upswing, but one blue state's recent announcement seems to take it to a new level. California Attorney General Rob Bonta...

Guess Which City Now Wants *VACCINATED* People to Wear Masks?

Los Angeles is sparking press controversy and criticism for its new COVID policy. Los Angeles public health officials made headlines this week for doing something...

WHAT? White House Says ‘It’s The Republicans’ Who Want to Defund the Police

The debate over defunding the police has been raging on since the tragic death of George Floyd last year, but now that debate has...

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