A Message From Trish: I’m Back!

You can’t keep a good woman down…especially when she has quite a lot to say.

I care. I care about our economy, our markets, our country, and I care about you.

I’m here to help you understand and synthesize the headlines so that you will be empowered to make the best decisions for your family and your investments. You deserve freedom–and this includes financial freedom.

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This is a critical time in American history. We’re at a crossroads and though there are challenges ahead no matter what direction we take, it’s critical we maintain, nurture and grow our economy for the health of our country and its future generations.

Capitalism, while not perfect, sure beats the alternative. Lower taxes, less regulation and the ability of government to get out of the way so as to encourage new industries and small businesses, while still ensuring some safety nets, have helped make us the greatest economy in the world. We cannot squander that. Instead, we must seek new ways to engage in respectful debate while still embracing a system of commerce that has lifted more people out of poverty than anywhere else in the world.

The tenor of the discussion has become almost unbearable. Americans have turned on each other in ways that are truly unspeakable. The media has lost all semblance of neutrality and there’s an effort to ex-communicate anyone who dares to suggest a different view. Respect is no longer a value held dear.

As such, I am thrilled to be here, with you, ON MY OWN. Outside of an institution. This is all me… my point for view, my analysis and my opinions that I’m writing and speaking for you free from any institutional baggage.

I will not pretend to be neutral. I’m not. I have a passionate point of view that is governed by my desire for fairness, meritocracy, and ensuring that every American be afforded the opportunity for success. Financial independence should be every American’s goal and with the proper planning, discipline and attention to the news events that influence markets, it can be gained.

Importantly, and despite what some have suggested, I’m governed not by politics but, rather, by economics and policy. I speak freely and advocate for the ideas I believe will help our economy–and your investments–the most.

Our goal should be to ensure the creation of opportunities for the most number of people. We must be thoughtful and careful with our resources so as to ensure the success of the next generation.

I believe wholeheartedly in encouraging different points of view…and will always welcome discussion and debate on this forum. It is ONLY through our ability to listen, to think, and to speak freely that the United States of America can be a true meritocracy in which everyone has an equal shot at achieving the American Dream.

So, sign up here — be smart and GET THE INTEL directly from me. Unafraid, fiercely independent and a big believer in opportunity for all. I’m very much looking forward to helping you be the strongest you – intellectually, emotionally and financially. Celebrate Success!

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