A Racist “Trapped” Monarchy

Can you blame Harry and Meghan?

After being told his own child wasn’t to receive security, Harry picked up his family and did what generations before him did centuries ago: he left his homeland for a better future in America.

Good for him. Who wants to play second fiddle, live on a “fixed income” (even though it was quite large) with no hope of ever carving out a path truly for yourself and your own family?

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Granted, his wife clearly influenced his decision. And, why wouldn’t she? She was used to her own independence and the life of a royal was clearly something foreign and suppressing for her… even, life threatening.

But, it was she who “saved him” as he told Oprah in a Sunday night interview on CBS. She helped him see how bad the entire system (or the “firm” as the monarchy is known) really is. And, his family is still “trapped.”

Indeed, the comments from both Harry and Meaghan makes you wonder… who’s really running things at Buckingham Palace? Is it the Queen or the bureaucrats?

Meghan’s difficult experience with the “firm” (with its own unique corporate culture that was likely quite unforgiving) coupled with the reality of a media anxious to make her into tabloid fodder, makes it seem perfectly logical that the two would say “bye-bye.”

What choice did the couple really have? Who the heck wants to stay a part of a royal family and “firm” that’s willing to allow you to be such easy pickings for a rapid press? Especially when you never have a shot at the “real” gig? It’s like being the forever understudy.

Yes. He was born into it and he might have assumed it was all just fine, but she wasn’t. She was, and is, an independent woman with her own aspirations and surely wasn’t going be happy being a punching bag for a UK media machine.

There are some that think she should have known what she was signing up for — but, how can you, really? Do any of us Americans really have any appreciation for monarchs? We’re the ANTI-THESIS of birthright here in America.

And, yes, I’m sure there were racial undertones that frustrated the Sussexes both in the media coverage of them as well as in the “firm’s” treatment of the them. Harry alluded to a horrific conversation with either a family member or someone very senior in the “firm” in which he was asked if he had considered what his child would look like – what the color of his skin would be like. (I wished Oprah had been able to get more on who had that conversation with him but suffice it to say, he made it clear that the conversation was a breaking point.)

So, they escaped to the land of capitalism. The USA is welcoming them with open arms– complete with a primetime network television special to air their grievances!

Interestingly: they came here. To America.

Because, despite what some extreme liberals think, the United States of America is a pretty darn good place to be. Granted, not everyone lands in the country with a Netflix and Spotify deal..and,┬áit surely helps if you’re a royal with a complaint [or two, or three] against a racially insensitive monarchy, but nonetheless, we are the best version of a meritocracy in the world today.

The Sussexes departure for America is yet another example of why people want to live in the land of capitalist, free thinkers. We are–and I hope always will be–the home of the free and land of the brave.

I realize many will take this opportunity to complain about how ungrateful the couple is and how unappreciative they were of their royal lifestyle — but, I still give them credit for saying, effectively, “to hell with it.”

And, if the Sussexes love America, I’m sure many Americans will grow to love them.


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