Thanks for coming to my site! I’m glad you’re here—especially now, with our freedoms increasing under threat. I know you care about freedom and TRUTH, and so do I.

For those of you that don’t know me well, I’m an award-winning, multi-Emmy nominated investigative journalist who focuses a lot on economics, business, markets, culture, and politics. I analyze current events through an economic lens and am committed to free-market capitalist policies that benefit ALL AMERICANS.

In recent decades, both political parties have pushed for globalization at the expense of workers, small business owners, and ultimately our nation as a whole. We need to change that… and, together we will. A strong economy makes a strong country.

I want to see an America that enables EVERYONE to achieve prosperity.

A few more things about me? Family is everything. I’ve been married for nearly two decades and have three beautiful young children…and a puppy! I’m an avid swimmer (the kind that still swims outside even in a December snowstorm) and I love going on long hikes with the kids. Healthy living is really important to me so, you’ll be hearing about that from time to time, too. For a look at my FAV things… (including a few must-haves for busy Moms.)

As for my “official” bio? You can read that below. Again, WELCOME to my page. Please make sure you download my latest podcast here. And contact me ANYTIME at Info@TrishIntel.com.

Trish Regan BIO

Trish Regan is an award-winning financial journalist and the host of the popular new podcast “The Trish Regan Show” on Apple I-tunes, Spotify, I-heart radio, and Amazon. Regan is also the CEO of Trish Intel, a multi-media company. Regan is well-known to viewers for her work at Fox Business, CNBC, and Bloomberg – where she anchored top-rated programs, including the highest-rated show in Fox Business’s primetime history, “Trish Regan Primetime.” While at Fox, Regan also anchored two republican Presidential debates and hosted all of the network’s primetime 2016 convention coverage. At Bloomberg, Regan held a similar role – anchoring two hours of daily market coverage in addition to running the network’s 2012 election coverage, including hosting primetime political coverage during the conventions and on election night. At CNBC, Regan co-hosted a highly rated market program and won multiple awards for her documentary work, including multiple Emmy nominations for investigative reporting and long-form reporting.

A popular keynote speaker with a fresh viewpoint on fiscal and monetary policy as well as current events, Regan is also known for her acclaimed interviewing skills having sat down on camera with just about everyone in business and politics including, President Bill Clinton and President Donald Trump, Secretaries of States’ Madeline Albright, Condoleezza Rice, and Mike Pompeo, as well as candidates Mitt Romney, the late John McCain, Jeb Bush and others. In business, Regan has interviewed a who-who list of investors, Treasury and Fed secretaries as well as entrepreneurs including the late Jack Welch, Mark Cuban, Carl Icahn, Jim Chanos, Roger Altman, Mike Bloomberg, Jeff Immelt, Allan Greenspan, Larry Summers, Steve Mnuchin, Ray Dalio, and many others.

A fiscal conservative, Regan got her start in banking while still a student at Columbia University working as an analyst in the Emerging Debt Markets Group at Goldman Sachs. She’s a cum laude graduate of Columbia and an honors graduate of Phillips Exeter Academy. 

Regan speaks three languages, has a background in classical music. She studied opera at New England Conservatory and the American Institute of Musical Studies in Graz, Austria. She now lives in the greater New York area with her husband, three children, and their Maltese puppy.