African American Billionaire Says $14 Trillion In Reparations Needed as “Atonement” for “Systemic Racism”

Billionaire Bob Johnson is calling for reparations for all descendants of slaves, rich and poor, as an “atonement” for “200 years of systemic racism” in the U.S.

Robert L. Johnson, the founder of Black Entertainment Television (BET) and the first African-American billionaire, is calling for reparations.

The 75-year-old billionaire is backing a $14 trillion reparations proposal that would supposedly close the black-white wealth gap in the country.

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“If you’re a successful Black business, the idea is you’ve had enough,” Johnson told VICE News. He disagrees with that view.

“Reparations would require the entire country to … admit that the result of slavery has been 200 years of systemic racism and for that reason Black folks have been denied $13-15 trillion of wealth and therefore we as a country now must atone by paying Black people of all stripes —the rich ones, the poor ones, and the middle—out of our pocket,” Johnson says.

Biden Announced Plan To Narrow The ‘Racial Wealth Gap’

The wealth gap between African Americans and white Americans is not going away. 73% of white Americans own homes, compared to only 44 percent of African Americans.

Leftist politicians think this problem can be solved through the power of the government.


“Shockingly, the percentage of black American home ownership is lower today than it was 50 years ago,” Biden said in early June, at a commemoration of the Tulsa massacre.

The Biden administration has announced a plan to narrow the racial wealth gap in America. While it’s not calling it reparations, it’s likely that it will still include significant wealth transfers.

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