An Outstanding Speech from The President…and the Media Loses It!

Now, THAT was a campaign speech!

In a lengthy, visionary speech live from the Rose Garden at the White House Thursday evening, President Donald Trump accepted his party’s nomination for another term as President and made a compelling case for why America needs him.

It was a powerful speech, packed with detail on his accomplishments thus far…as well as his goals for America’s future. He spoke of the power and greatness that is so uniquely American reaching far back in history to the Revolutionary War…to the legends of Davy Crockett and Annie Oakley…all in an effort to remind the country of our strong, independent, trailblazing roots.

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The fire that is so American is increasingly vulnerable to being extinguished. Americans cannot allow their determination and strength to fall victim to the cancel culture that the Democrats employ to shut down opposing views, he said.

This is exactly the optimism America craves right now. Despite all the challenges ahead of him, the President remains constant in his belief for a better future–which is a quality the Democrats have struggled to contrast.

After all, Americans want something to vote for, not against. And Thursday evening, Donald Trump proved it.

Drastically Different Candidates

The differences between the two candidates speeches were remarkable. The President was optimistic, while Biden was negative. Biden spoke (alone) to camera, in vague generalities, for a very short period of time. The President, in turn, spoke to a live crowd, with enormous specificity surrounding the policies he enacted (right down to the price for the Embassy in Jerusalem) as well as his proposals for the future (an American flag on Mars) for quite a long time.

Many in the media took offense to the length of the speech, but, don’t Americans deserve to hear every last word? (And, shouldn’t we wonder why Biden didn’t speak a little more?) Who we cast our vote for as President is a serious decision, and we don’t need the media’s snobbery surrounding the “length” to which he spoke…instead, every American should walk away satisfied that we understand the policies that each President wants to enact. Trump makes his view very clear… Biden does not.

In one of his most notable lines of the evening, President Trump told the country, “For America, nothing is impossible. Over the next four years, we will prove worthy of this magnificent legacy.  We will reach stunning new heights.  And we will show that the world, for America, there is a dream.  And it is not beyond your reach,” he said. “Together we are unstoppable.  Together, we are unbeatable, because together we are the proud citizens of the United States of America.”  

Optimism. Hope. Confidence. These are the traits that are so uniquely American and these are the traits that have historically made us great.

“I want every child in America to know that you are part of the most exciting and incredible adventure in human history,” he said. “No matter where your family comes from, no matter your background in America, anyone can rise, with hard work, devotion and drive, you can reach any goal and achieve every ambition.”

America needs someone to believe in her… over the last decade, the Democrats have tried to distinguish themselves by arguing against what makes our country fundamentally good. There has been an attempt to make fellow Americans ashamed of their past. But, on stage last night, we saw a President who believes in the tremendous history that is America.

Leftist Media Attacks

Indeed, as if on cue, CNBC’s website declared, “Trump just called Biden a ‘destroyer of America’s jobs.’ But, on the president’s watch, the U.S. is in the midst of a recession after suffering the worst quarterly GDP decline in history.” Gee, CNBC. Thanks for figuring that out. (It’s as though they think Americans are too stupid to be aware of the pandemic that the left insisted we shut down the country for…thereby causing a massive decline in GDP!)

Meanwhile, over at NPR, the headline accused the President of “trying to rebrand Democrats–particularly Biden–as Socialists. But, Biden,” they wrote, “doesn’t fit the definition of one,” they wrote.

Uhm. To be clear, Biden’s promises of “free this, free that, and higher taxes for every business,” would certainly suggest he has a lot more in common with socialism that he does capitalism!

CNN ran a headline, “Trump Thinks He’s Untouchable in a Second Term.”

Meanwhile, with chaos in the streets of Wisconsin and Minneapolis and the threat of another shutdown of our economy from Biden, tonight proved that President Trump, despite the left’s constant criticism of him, has a heck of a shot at winning the country AGAIN in November.

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