Americans Are Not Happy With Government Regulation Of Business

Newly released polling data shows Americans are unhappy with the federal government’s regulation of business.

Gallup released new polling data showing only 28% of Americans are satisfied with the current regulations on business.

“At the end of President Joe Biden’s first year in office, Americans’ satisfaction with the government’s regulation of businesses and industries has fallen eight percentage points to 28%, the lowest point since 2016 when Gallup first began tracking this measure annually,” Gallup said. “Dissatisfaction is at a new high of 60% and includes 29% of U.S. adults who prefer less government regulation, 18% who favor more and 13% who are dissatisfied but say it should remain about the same.”

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The poll points out voters were happier on the issue under former President Donald Trump.

“Donald Trump made deregulation one of his top goals entering the White House and touted it as a signature achievement in his 2020 campaign. The success and economic impact of his 2017 executive order aimed at limiting new government regulations is still hotly debated, but the policy goal was closely associated with Trump,” Gallup said. “During his presidency, roughly four in 10 Americans were satisfied with government regulation of the business sector, up slightly from the 32% found during President Barack Obama’s last year in office in 2016.”

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