Americans Believe This Is Now Inevitable

New polling data shows that Americans are not optimistic about the economy.


Rasmussen Reports released polling this week showing the majority of Americans think a depression is on the way.

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“Americans are worried about the stock market and a majority now think the U.S. could soon face another Great Depression,” Rasmussen said.

The poll data come amid the highest inflation in decades and soaring federal debt. Now that the Federal Reserve is raising rates to address inflation, many experts think a recession is on the way.

The poll found only 34% say a depression is not likely.

“The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 55% of American Adults believe it is likely the United States will enter a 1930s-like depression over the next few years, including 25% who think another Great Depression is Very Likely,” Rasmussen said. “That’s the highest finding in regular surveying since 2009. Thirty-four percent (34%) now don’t think another depression is likely, while 11% are not sure.”

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