Americans Just Cancelled “Cancel Culture” with Nearly 71 Million Votes For Trump

“It’s a repudiation of Trump and a new page for America!” tweets Hillary Clinton as the mainstream media piles on all — regurgitating the party line. All this, as the Trump campaign and the Republican Party file multiple lawsuits in multiple states.

So let me set the record straight.

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At present, the votes are still being counted and contested. This is a close election. As such, there was no blue wave. In other words, Mrs. Clinton, there was no “repudiation.”

Nearly 71 million Americans cast ballots for Donald Trump — and we have a voice and that voice will be heard.

Hillary Clinton is wrong in her analysis. The pollsters are wrong in their analysis. And, the mainstream media is wrong in its analysis. Americans have just CANCELLED “cancel culture” with nearly 71 million votes for Donald Trump.

And yet? This reality isn’t hindering Hillary Clinton, AOC, and the mainstream media’s “Gestapo.” Instead, members of this new Gestapo are coming out of the woodwork, joining forces, in an effort to suppress the speech of those with whom they disagree.

Joe Biden preached unity in his so-called “victory” speech (so-called because the President has not conceded and the voted is not considered official.) Biden’s speech, allegedly written in-part by an MSNBC contributor, SOUNDED quite promising. Really. It was a good speech. (And, perhaps even more impressive, he made it through with no gaffes.)

“Let us be the nation,” said the former Vice President, “that we know we can be. A nation united, a nation strengthened, a nation healed. The United States of America.”

Again, good line. But, I’ll believe it when I see it.

That’s because, even if he’s preaching unity, it’s clear many members of the mainstream media don’t want it. (We knew they were biased. We’ve seen that bias on display for four years. They tried to implicate the President in a plot with the Russians, for goodness sakes!) It’s in their interest (ratings-wise) to continue with their divisive messaging.

And now, increasingly if you ask me, these members of the mainstream media are starting to sound like fascists. Consider the new tweet from a so-called straight news anchor from CNN… who tried to suggest Trump supporters reconsider their actions for the sake of future employers. This, as the “Trump Accountability Project” (run by a team of never-Trump Republican strategists), attempts to “blacklist” nearly 71 million Americans. The never-Trumpers seemed to have joined sides with socialist Alexandra Ocasio Cortez who is pushing their project and asking that it be extended to all social media posting so as to “catalog” any person that supported Donald Trump’s policies.

I mean, come on. Is this the Twilight Zone? Are Never Trumpers and AOC on the same side?  Apparently, fascism makes for some strange bedfellows!

Meanwhile, you wonder why the silent majority is upset? This is unacceptable and frankly, unconstitutional, style behavior. The media should know better, but, they…like AOC, are simply self-interested. Consider Time magazine–which is hailing this Biden-Harris duo as the greatest thing since sliced bread, in a big fancy cover. Far cry from the devil ears they awarded President Trump when he was elected by the American people.

So, while Joe Biden may be out there trying to talk a good game, but it is evident he is surrounded by some very power-hungry socialist forces within his party, and within the media that are ready to go to war on 71 million people. Any desire he might have for a united future will likely be shut down by many of his so-called “friends.”

Hey, who needs enemies when you’ve got your friends?

One thing is certain: the creep towards fascism by the left is a recipe for a revival of conservative principles in America.

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