Americans Trust Republicans More on Education

Critical race theory, transgender teachings and more have made education among the most controversial issues in America, and now it seems Democrats are losing their sway over American voters.


The latest polling from Rasmussen Reports found that Democrats, who have long held the most voter confidence on education issues, have ceded it to Republicans.

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“Public schools are getting worse, most voters believe, and the Republican Party has a slight edge over Democrats on the education issue,” Rasmussen said.

The poll also found Americans think education in this country is getting worse.

“The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 58% of Likely U.S. Voters believe the quality of public schools in America is getting worse, while just 13% think schools are getting better,” the poll found. “Twenty-five percent (25%) say the quality of public schools is staying about the same.”

Democrats have ceded a lot of ground on this issue for pushing critical race theory, a doctrine that teaches the U.S. is fundamentally racist and always has been. CRT teaches that racism, not freedom or liberty or limited government, is the defining feature of American society.

Then, the Biden administration kicked off an effort to investigate parents who were protesting these kinds of curriculums. They compared parents to terrorists, an issue that helped propel a Republican to win Virginia’s gubernatorial race.

More recently, Democrats have pushed for teaching kids as young as kindergarten about LGBT issues by opposing Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ bill banning it.

“When you actually look at the bill, and it says ‘no sexual instruction in grades pre-k through three,'” DeSantis said. “How many parents want their kindergartners to have transgenderism or something injected into classroom instruction?”

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