Arizona Senate Prez: In Maricopa County Election ‘Protocols Thrown Out the Window’

Arizona state Senate President Karen Fann declared that an audit of Maricopa County, has uncovered questionable practices that need to be addressed.

In an exclusive interview with The Western Journal, Fann said that when the ballots showed up, “the ballots, when they showed up, literally, they are in boxes that are literally just stuffed in there.”

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“They’re supposed to be organized. There’s supposed to be these pink sheets between that says there are certain numbers there, a certain number of ballots there. There weren’t.”

While this does not mean voter fraud occurred, Fann is allegingthat Maricopa County election officials were not acting in a professional manner.

“So the auditor, literally, in trying to preserve everything the exact way it is, had to, like, very carefully take [the ballots] out to do what we needed to make sure we put them back exactly as we found them, even though it was a mess.”


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