As Illegal Immigration Surges 300 Percent, Officials Demand Answers

As the crisis at the southern border continues to grow more dangerous, especially for children, Republicans are demanding answers.

After documents obtained by Axios showed that the Biden administration had lost touch with a third of detained migrant children, Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich sent a letter to Biden demanding answers.

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“Some are literally recycled back and forth across the border to exploit our laws and help facilitate access to our country for adults and contraband that should not be coming in,” he wrote.

Meanwhile, the southern border has become increasingly overrun by illegal immigrants sine President Joe Biden took office.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection has reported that illegal immigration has increased more than 300%.

“In August, U.S. Customs and Border Protection played an important role in Operation Allies Refuge and Operation Allies Welcome, as well as in support of the Gulf Coast after Hurricane Ida and the people of Haiti after their earthquake. We rose to those challenges even as we continued our vital work in support of our economy and national security at our ports of entry and along our borders,” said CBP Acting Commissioner Troy Miller. “In August, CBP processed a significant growth of legitimate travel and trade, with commercial truck transit on par with numbers at this point in Fiscal Year 2019, and passenger vehicle, pedestrian travel, and air travel numbers continuing to progress toward pre-pandemic levels.”

Recent viral photos of thousands of illegal immigrants under a Texas bridge has brought the issue back to the forefront.

“Right now, there is virtually no border in Del Rio,” said Rep. Tony Gonzalez, R-Texas. “Migrants are crossing back and forth from Mexico with ease.”

Part of the spike in illegal immigration has included fake COVID-19 vaccination cards.

“Creating or buying a fake COVID-19 vaccination card is illegal, not to mention dangerous,” said Cincinnati Port Director Richard Gillespie. “Purchasing counterfeit cards supports criminals whose only concern is their bank account, not American security or the health of our citizens. Our officers know that counterfeiters will try to replicate anything to benefit themselves, with no thought to the innocent victims that may suffer from their actions. The men and women of CBP are trained and ready to shut down these scammers and protect our country.”

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