Audio: Some Twitter Employees Not Happy Over Elon Musk Purchase

Newly released audio reportedly shows many Twitter employees not happy about the looming purchase of the company by billionaire Elon Musk.


Musk has pledged to restore free speech to the platform which is apparently too much to bear for the company’s workers.

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Project Veritas has released audio from an internal meeting that shows workers and the board find Musk’s purchase to be a very sensitive subject. From Project Veritas:

Bret Taylor, Twitter Board Member: “I also just want to acknowledge all the emotions of today. It is an emotional day. I want to acknowledge it.”

Taylor: “By law, we are required to act in the best interest of our shareholders.”

Taylor: “I can’t speak to why people leak [information to journalists], but people do. I can’t imagine how disruptive it was for all of you.”

Parag Agrawal, Twitter CEO: “It’s important to acknowledge that all of you have many different feelings about what is happening.”

Agrawal: “Many of you are concerned, some of you excited, many people here are waiting to understand how this goes and have an open mind.”

Agrawal: “The role of our policies and the capabilities we’ve built around content moderation are fundamental to keeping Twitter safe and growing.”

Agrawal: “We’ll be finding a way to have Elon talk with all of you at the soonest possible opportunity.”

Agrawal: “As you’ve heard from all of us, we don’t have all the answers.”

See Trish Regan’s podcast on this topic below!

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