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Freelance journalist, student of the Austrian school.

Home Depot Counters Organized Retail Crime With Bluetooth Tech

As retailers face a surge in organized retail crime, Home Depot is fighting back with new tech. The home-improvement retailer will use Bluetooth technology...

Famed Investor Jeremy Grantham Says Stocks Are Overvalued, Fed Hasn’t Got A Clue

Billionaire investor Jeremy Grantham has come out with a dire warning for investors; stocks are overpriced by any metric and the Fed has no...

Investors Sell on the News: Tesla’s Stock Lower After First $1 Billion In Quarterly Profit

Tesla managed record profits in the second quarter of 2021, beating analyst predictions and brushing away the semiconductor shortage. The company reported $1.14 billion in...

China Threatens to Make $100 Billion Tutoring Industry “Non-Profit”

China's $100 billion a year tutoring industry may soon be forced to go "non-profit" amid growing concerns about escalating costs. Bloomberg writes that the CCP...

Jobless Claims Spike

The number of people filing for unemployment in the latest week rose to 419,000, returning weekly claims to a level not recorded since early...

Jeff Bezos Launches Into Space With Blue Origin

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos will launch into space on Tuesday aboard the New Shephard rocket. "I’m excited, I'm not really nervous. This vehicle is ready,...

Robinhood Aims To Raise $2 Billion In An IPO

The founders of the popular trading app want to raise $2 billion in an upcoming IPO, which would put the company's valuation at $35...

The Money Supply Has Never Been Higher – Here’s Why That’s A Problem

The pandemic has cost billions to the economy, devastated thousands of small businesses and impacted the lives of billions of people. Yet, many in...

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