Neil Grossman

Neil Grossman is a mathematician, economist, constitutional law scholar, physicist, and former global hedge fund trader. Neil co-founded the TKNG Global Macro Fund where he was Chief Investment Officer. Prior to establishing the Fund, Neil ran a proprietary trading group that focused on global rates and currencies for JP Morgan Chase where he was also an Executive Director in the Chief Investment Office. Additionally, Neil held senior positions at Norges Bank (the Central Bank of Norway), Five Mile Capital Partners, and Deutsche Bank, where he ran a large derivatives portfolio. Neil has a J.D. from Columbia Law, and an M.S. and B.S. in Fluid Dynamics from Columbia Engineering. Neil also did post graduate studies in Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics at the University of Cambridge. He lives in Millbrook, New York where he presides over his new vineyard.

The S&P Is Heading to 1776 — Here’s Why

1776 is an important historical number. It's also my working target for the S&P 500. The level signifies independence; independence from artificial distortion created by...

Sugar High: INSANE Spending Puts America At Risk of Becoming Third-World Economy

Bloated Assets Eventually Explode--Which Means Our Economy Is Hanging By A Thread When I was a kid, my mom would give me a dime and...

Bailout Nation: Money For Nothing and “Checks” for Free

No More Bailouts: It's Time Spendthrift States Deal With Their OWN Problems I'm taking some poetic license with the popular Dire Straights 80s song, updating...

Neilytics: The Fed is The Enemy of The Rational. Here’s Why The Market Is On Another Sugar High.

Why the Fed Loves Anacott Steel (...and, Amazon, and Apple, and Tesla, and Netflix) “Psst….C-Street. Over here.” “Who’s there? Sugar High, that you?” “Keep your voice down....

The Dreaded “I” Word

Yes, the dreaded "I" word. And I am not, not  talking about egotism. Nope, I am referring to that bane of the modern central...

Neilytics: Senate Prepares for Battle, As Democrats Ignore Constitution

As a former attorney with a significant interest in Constitutional issues, I'm just going to say it—the President was right to fulfill his Constitutional...

Neilytics: Why Left Is To Blame For Economic Insanity

I must admit I was not a fan of the last President. It is not because he isn’t a nice guy. I don’t know...

Neilytics: Ray Dalio Warns the U.S. Dollar Will Be Replaced — Here’s Why I Still Love It!

When Trish Regan asks me a question, it makes me think. This morning’s question was no exception. She asked if I had seen Ray...

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