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New York Times Issues Correction Over Controversial AP Photo Of Migrants Fleeing DHS On Horseback

Controversy over a photo of border patrol agents chasing down migrants has led to a New York Times correction. National media attention was drawn to...

Facebook Silent As Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Launches Investigation Into Alleged Bias

Facebook has taken heat from conservatives for years for allegedly giving preferential treatment to politically liberal voices. Now, the company faces a government investigation. Florida...

Obama: We Need Higher Taxes and Rich ‘Can Afford It – I Put Myself In that Category Now’

For some, being the President pays off. Just ask former President Barack Obama who has acquired a series of properties from Martha's Vineyard to Hawaii...

Watch: More ‘F* Joe Biden’ Chants Erupt In Stadiums Across the Nation

Another weekend, another dozen crowds chanting obscene comments against President Joe Biden. "F* Joe Biden" chants are sweeping social media, as crowds shout the slogans...

Senate Blocks House Bill to Avoid Shutdown: Yellen Worries About “Default “

Lawmakers are scrambling ahead of Friday's deadline to avoid a shutdown of the U.S. government. On Monday evening, Republicans blocked a short term resolution that...

Ford To Spend $11.4 Billion to Build Electric Car Plants in These Two U.S. States

Ford announced this week that it's investing $11.4 billion dollars in the creation of two new electric vehicle car plants. The factories will employ...

Fed Heads Stepping Down Amid Allegations Of Questionable Stock Trades

The President of the Dallas Fed and the President of the Boston Fed have announced their retirements amid growing controversy surrounding their market trades. Robert...

Trish: Dems Want to Play Monopoly with Our Money

This is a rush transcript of the Trish Regan Show, September 28, 2021. The following is opinion commentary by Trish Regan. Click to listen and...

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