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Florida’s Governor Cracks Down on Riots With New Law

Just as the country is bracing for potential riots tied to the jury deliberations in the Derek Chauvin trial in Minnesota, Florida Governor Ron...

Could 75% of Oregon Become…IDAHO? Citizens Push to Move Oregon Border

Residents of rural Oregon don't seem to have much in common with liberal, progressive, urban Portland, Oregon these days... ...and, so some residents are considering...

AOC Is ALL-IN on Supreme Ct Packing ‘We Should Be Expanding the Court’

Democratic socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) is backing the Democrats' proposal to expand the supreme court from 9 to 13 seats. It's a move...

Retail Union Accuses Amazon of Interfering in Alabama Union Vote

The retail union that failed to organize Amazon workers at a Bessemer, Alabama plant says there's a reason: Amazon itself. The union alleges that Amazon...

Breaking: Project Veritas Founder James O’Keefe Sues Twitter for Defamation

The founder of a self-described guerrilla-style journalism foundation, Project Veritas, filed suit against Twitter in New York's Supreme Court on Monday. James O'Keefe is...

Breaking: Capitol Hill Police Officer Died of Natural Causes After Jan Riots

According to an autopsy report released by Washington's chief medical examiner on Monday, the U.S. Capitol Hill police officer that died during the January...

A New GameStop? Online Traders Eye Clover Health

Clover Health, a digital health company, gained 9.64% on Monday ending the session at $9.67 as investors debated both the fundamentals in the company--as...

Pelosi Punts on Maxine Waters: No Apology Needed

Asked whether Maxine Waters (D-CA) should apologize for her controversial remarks over the weekend, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said it's not necessary. "No, no,...

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