Trish Regan

Trish Regan

Dow Plunges More than 300 Points As Investors Fear Higher Rates

The markets ended the day lower Thursday, as investors reacted to fears of higher interest rates from the Federal Reserve. The Dow Jones Industrial Average...

Texas is Open for Business, Mask or No Mask

The governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, lifted the Covid-19 mask mandate in his state and declared that businesses could open at 100% capacity on...

Tanden Withdraws: Previous Social Media Posts Sink Biden Nominee for OMB

Neera Tanden withdrew her nomination to be director for the Office of Management and Budget Tuesday evening after it became quite clear her appointment...

Time to Cancel The Cuomo Show

On Monday evening The New York Times published a report about a third woman that has come forward to accuse New York Governor Andrew...

Fresh Harassment Accusations Hit Cuomo: Is Third Time The Charm?

A third woman has come forward with allegations against New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) thereby increasing the likelihood that he may heed calls...

Cancelling Dr. Seuss

Cancel culture is now hitting iconic children's books author Dr. Seuss. For more than two decades, American children have celebrated the famed author of such...

Trish Regan: Paul Krugman Is Wrong Again

Princeton economist and New York Times columnist Paul Krugman is hitting the airwaves touting the virtues of the Biden stimulus plan. Krugman says the...

Bitcoin Tests “Being Intellectually Open to New Ideas” Says Billionaire Investor

Famed hedge fund investor Dan Loeb took to twitter to tell the world that he's been doing a deep dive into on crypto lately...

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