Trish Regan

Trish Regan

Family First! Kellyanne Conway To Depart White House Citing Family Concerns

Kellyanne Conway, longtime counselor to the President, and his former campaign manager, says she will leave the administration at the end of this month....

Chinese Social Media Giant TikTok Sues Trump Administration

China's social media giant Tiktok is going on offense. On Saturday, the company revealed plans to sue President Donald Trump's administration due to his...

Biden Promises To Shut Down Economy …As Trump Fights to Get Us Back Up Again

Time to load up your basement with guns, gold, and canned soup? I'm kidding. But...not entirely. Amid the shutdowns, we've seen gun sales spike,...

The US Postal “Service” is Badly Run Business

The normally mundane post office has suddenly become a hot-button item, filled with emotion and viewed entirely through a political lens. But, from an...

Minneapolis Stores Looted After Gunman’s Suicide – More Proof “Defund the Police” Won’t Work

Violence and chaos in the streets of Minneapolis a suspected gunman fatally shot himself Wednesday. The alleged gunman shot himself as Minneapolis police...

Trish: Taxpayers Should Demand School Refunds

As more schools refuse to open their doors this Fall, it's increasingly clear these closures are being motivated in politics. DC, for example,...

Trish: Gold In Play Ahead of U.S. Election

Calling all gold bugs: Gold's luster may grow even shinier in the months prior to November's election. Though gold prices have come off recent highs,...

Kamala Harris’s Economic Policies Need Work

The good news is: she's not Elizabeth Warren. The bad news is: she still likes higher taxes, government-run health care and embraces an anti-business...

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