Trish Regan

Trish Regan
Trish Regan is an award winning financial journalist, an American television talk show host and author who interprets political events through an economic lens.

Kamala Harris’s Economic Policies Need Work

The good news is: she's not Elizabeth Warren. The bad news is: she still likes higher taxes, government-run health care and embraces an anti-business...

Trish: Don’t Believe the Media. The Economy is Growing.

Despite the media's fear mongering, the simple truth is this: the economy is on the mend. Indeed, though there may be dips and turns,...

Trish: Don’t Fear Declining Dollar…YET

Things aren't always as they appear. "Bad" isn't always bad. "Good" isn't always good. And, the world, despite how some in media and politics try...

Trish: $600/week Federal Handout Is Socialism

Recent chatter on Capitol Hill has me questioning what is happening to the great American meritocracy that, through challenging times, still enabled us to become the...

Trish: Still Can’t Find Clorox Wipes? Blame China

I’ll admit it. I’ve always liked Lysol. And, Clorox. I know everyone loves organic and I use a lot of those products too, but,...

Trish: Schizophrenic “Open Up, Shut Down” Policies Are Insane

This “stay-open, shut-down, open-up, shut-down-again” thing just doesn’t work for our economy. Is anyone really surprised?  GDP numbers showed the economy posting its worst showing in...

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