Beto Footing the $1.5 Million Bill For Fleeing Texas Dems

Texas Democrats have enjoyed fawning publicity from the national media for fleeing their home state last week on a private plane, complete with a case of beer — but soon, the tab is coming due. And, it’s a hefty bill.

Enter failed presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke.

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O’Rourke is raising hundreds of thousands of dollars through his group, Powered by the People to pay for the publicity stunt.

But, he’s got some more work to do.

Rep. Armando Walle told reporters the Democrat’s publicity stunt will cost Democrats $1.5 million for the costs, which include flights and lodging.

“The Texas House Democrats are using their political power to stop voter suppression and lead on expanding voting rights,” the group said. “They are taking the extraordinary step of leaving the state and are making their way to our nation’s capitol to ensure we can pass the For the People Act — the single greatest opportunity to protect the right to vote in America.”

Dozens of Democratic Texas lawmakers fled the state to avoid voting on a bill that would shore up the integrity of elections with measures like voter I.D. after questions over the most recent November presidential elections.

“Facts matter,” said Texas Governor Greg Abbott, a Republican. “Reckless rhetoric doesn’t. The Texas election integrity bill doesn’t disenfranchise Texas voters. It makes elections fair and uniform. Anyone saying that the bill denies people the right to vote is simply lying.”

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott also lambasted the Democrats for their decision and called on them to return home to serve the people of Texas.

“Texas Democrats’ decision to break a quorum of the Texas Legislature and abandon the Texas State Capitol inflicts harm on the very Texans who elected them to serve,” Abbott said. “As they fly across the country on cushy private planes, they leave undone issues that can help their districts and our state. The Democrats must put aside partisan political games and get back to the job they were elected to do. Their constituents must not be denied these important resources simply because their elected representative refused to show up to work.”

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