Biden At Camp David, Blinken In The Hamptons As Kabul Fell

Secretary of State Anthony Blinken has taken heavy criticism in the last 24 hours for what critics say was a serious mistake: he was reportedly on vacation in the Hamptons as Kabul fell to the Taliban.

President Joe Biden is also taking fire since he was at Camp David when Kabul fell.

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From the Washington Post:

“By August, the dominant view was that the Taliban wasn’t likely to pose a serious threat to Kabul until late fall. On the Friday afternoon before Kabul fell, the White House was starting to empty out, as many of the senior staff prepared to take their first vacations of Biden’s young presidency. Earlier in the day, Biden had arrived at Camp David, and Secretary of State Antony Blinken was already in the Hamptons.”

Meanwhile, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki had an “out of office message” indicating she’d be gone until Sept. 5. (Story continues below.)

When news broke about the vacation leaders as Afghanistan burned, Americans weren’t happy.

“Do Joe Biden or Blinken know how many Americans remain in Afghanistan?” said Adam Korzeniewski. “Did they ever know?”

Meanwhile, former president Donald Trump has blasted Biden for his handling of the withdrawal, saying he would have done things much differently. It will likely become a defining campaign issue if Trump runs again in 2024.

“We had it all planned out, and then they decided to move the military out, and let’s not follow the plan,” said Trump. “It’s like the only thing is, it’s length of border wall. Nobody could handle it worse. We had the greatest — we have the greatest protection that we had ever had on our southern border, and now we have the worst — and it was the worst nightmare to watch it. That looks good by comparison to what’s happening in Afghanistan.

”I’m not opposed to Afghan refugees coming to America,” said David Marcus. “But why is it never to Martha’s Vineyard or the Hamptons?


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