Biden Covid Adviser: ‘We Need to Lockdown to Control Coronavirus’

Dr. Michael Osterholm, a member of Joe Biden’s newly formed Covid Task Force said that in order to control the coronavirus infection, “we need to lockdown to drive the infection levels lower.”

“Neel Kashkari, the president of the Minneapolis Federal Reserve Bank, and I wrote an op-ed piece in The New York Times that basically said we need to, lockdown to drive this infection level to a place where we can actually control it,” said Osterholm to MSNBC.

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“I’m talking about everything from Australia to New Zealand all the way right up through China, Japan, all of those countries have done that already.”

“And what it would take, however, though, is to really to deal with the pain and suffering economically,” said Osterholm.

“What we basically proposed, was because the savings rate in this country has gone out of the roof since the pandemic, we’ve gone from eight percent to over twenty-two percent. We could borrow the money from ourselves at historically low-interest rates, we could pay people to lose their jobs. We can pay small businesses. We can take care of city, state, and county governments.”

“If we just elected to do that, if Washington could get together and make that happen, that would be a very different kind of lockdown where people wouldn’t suffer and we could get this virus under control.”

“If we’re a raging house on fire with coronavirus in this country, our economy is not going to do well. So we’ve got to understand we have a way to do it. We just have elected not to do it yet. Basically, what I call pay to prevail.”

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