Biden Mocked Again For Saying His Spending Plans Would Cost ‘Zero’

As gas prices hit record highs and inflation is the highest in decades, critics are mocking President Joe Biden’s past promise that his spending plans would cost “zero.”


From the House Republicans on the Ways and Means Committee:

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Amid reports Democrats are once again attempting (and failing) to revisit their on-again, off-again plans for massive tax hikes and more inflationary spending, it’s worth remembering that just eight months ago (when the Administration dismissed inflation as “transitory”), President Biden bragged that his then-$5 trillion tax-and-send bill was “paid for” and would “cost zero.”

With Biden-Flation accelerating, the majority of working families’ paychecks unable to keep up with rising costs, and Main Street scrambling to fill a near-record high job openings, Democrats would have made things even worse.

But that won’t stop them from trying again. No wonder 85 percent of Americans believe the U.S. will be in recession within the next year.

Food prices have risen about 10% and energy prices have increased about 30% in the last year, putting Americans in a pinch. Most small businesses are worried about inflation and their future. 

All these issues have led to Biden’s approval rating plummeting.

See Trish Regan’s podcast below!

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