Biden Needs to Distance Himself From Antifa…NOW

As President Trump visited Kenosha, Wisconsin this week to reassure the community of the federal government’s commitment to law and order, the Biden camp attempted a quick pivot towards law and order, itself. Apparently, Biden and his team are realizing that his ability (or, lack thereof) to stand up to Antifa… matters.

And yet, if you go to… you are still redirected to ‘Joe Biden for President.’ It could be for a variety of reasons…maybe it’s as simple as the Trump campaign trolling Biden. Whatever and whomever it is, however, Biden risks looking as though he is okay with it by refusing to denounce it and the link to him. Indeed, twice now, I’ve asked the Biden campaign for comment… and twice now, I’ve heard nothing.

I suppose they just want it to go away…

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But here’s the deal: when we see rioters, as we did in Portland, burn a minority owned office in a building filled with residents… how can we not recognize Antifa as a threat to our country?

Meanwhile, Biden and Harris’s effort to play nice with Antifa, while simultaneously courting the establishment wing in the party… apparently translates into big bucks. It’s been reported that the Biden campaign accumulated $300 million in donations in the month of August alone. That would be more than double the $140 million the Democrats reported in July. Just to keep in perspective? The previous monthly record was $193 million for a month… and that was Obama in September 2008.

But, here’s a question: does money matter? Do American voters see through it? Hillary Clinton far outspent the President in 2016 — only to lose.

As such, Biden would be wise to distance himself from the Antifa movement. He’s got money…but, appearing as though he’s too close to anarchy, could definitely prove costly.

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