Biden Promises To Shut Down Economy …As Trump Fights to Get Us Back Up Again

Time to load up your basement with guns, gold, and canned soup? I’m kidding. But…not entirely. Amid the shutdowns, we’ve seen gun sales spike, gold prices skyrocket, and canned goods post record sales.

And, if Joe Biden is elected President in November, that trend will continue…because he’s now promising to close down our country if scientists believe it will help prevent coronavirus.

The Democrat’s nominee, appearing in an interview alongside his VP pick, Kamala Harris, told ABC’s David Muir that, “I would shut it down; I would listen to the scientists.” He explained he is, “prepared to do whatever it take to save lives, because we cannot get the country moving until we control the virus.”

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Only one problem, Joe. We NEED a strong economy to fight this thing!

It’s the Economy, Stupid

By shutting down the country, Biden and Harris would run the risks of major, debilitating side effects.

I wonder, do the Dems not understand the law of unintended consequences? Do they not recognize that people have died because they feared getting medical help during the shutdown…and that people have suffered as a result of the massive stress tied to their inability to go to work and take care of their families? Why would Biden promise to listen solely, entirely, to just the scientists? Multiple views must be consulted.

A President must make his own decisions. We elect him as a leader expecting that he, or soon she, will consider different points of view in order to determine what is best for the country. As such, economists should be consulted…alongside the doctors. Mental health professionals should be consulted…alongside the epidemiologists.

Shutting it all down? That’s naive. We cannot be defeated by this. Instead of admitting defeat, Biden should be fighting to protect the elderly and those with pre-existing conditions…while simultaneously, working with teams of diverse professionals from different fields in order to find the best ways to solve this crisis while staying open for business.

Instead, there’s only one answer for the left right now: mask up, shut down. If anyone DARES to suggest anything different they’re accused of rejecting science.

We’re better than this. We are the United States of America. We’ve overcome so much to become the number one economy in the world through sacrifice, hard work, creativity and ingenuity. We CAN do it again… but, we need to be smart. We need to find ways to live with this challenge. We must protect the most vulnerable people in our society, while still preserving the strength of our economy. Biden cannot run and hide in the basement on this one… and, Americans shouldn’t need to be stocking their cellars with canned goods… we must prepare for reality. Keeping our country open is a major part of that.

It really IS the economy, stupid.

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