Explosive Report: Weeks Ahead of Fall, Biden Urged Afghan President To Say Taliban “Wasn’t Winning – Whether True or Not”

A stunning new report suggests that in the final weeks before Afghanistan fell, President Biden may have been more focused on projecting an image of strength than encouraging the Afghan President to tell the truth about the reality on the ground in Afghanistan.

According to a Reuters exclusively viewed transcript (or, “read out”) of a call between the U.S. President and President Ghani from late July, Biden encouraged Ghani to emphasize that the Taliban wasn’t winning, “whether true or not.” (Story continues below.)

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Four weeks before the fall of Kabul, Biden urged Ghani to create the “perception” that the Taliban was not seeing any success. Reuters reports in its excerpts that Biden said told the Afghan President that, “there is a need, whether it is true of not…to project a different picture.”

The excerpts from the call suggest that President Biden was aware that the Taliban would take the country despite his promises to the American public that the withdrawal would go smoothly.

Ghani reportedly asked Biden for assistance including air support and money for soldiers.

The call was said to have taken place on July 23, and lasted 14 minutes. On August 15th, President Ghani fled the palace and the country and the Taliban took hold.

The U.S. officially left Afghanistan on August 31st.

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