Biden says “No. National. Shutdown” – While Democrat-Run States Implement Strict Lockdowns

Joe Biden responding to a question from NBC News pledged that he would not shut down the economy.

“No national shutdown. No. National. Shutdown. Every region, every area, every community is different. There’s no circumstance which I can see that would require a total national shutdown. I think that would be counter-productive. There are constraints in which the degree to which businesses can be open. For example, it’s one thing to say that you can have in a state that — where the infection rate is not as high, you can have a gymnasium open. It’s another thing to say it can only be open four hours a day with X number of people. The church I go to doesn’t allow more than 40% of the people to come into the church. Those are rational decisions. It’s calibrated based on what the threat is.”

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