Biden Wants To Beef Up The IRS, But Americans Aren’t So Sure

President Joe Biden has promised to pump tens of billions of dollars into the IRS to increase the number of audits, but the latest polling shows Americans do not trust the tax-collecting agency.


Rasmussen reports released new polling data showing that the number of Americans who have a favorable view of the IRS has dropped.

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“As next month’s income tax deadline nears, fewer Americans trust the Internal Revenue Service and more are worried about their taxes being audited,” Rasmussen said. “The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 41% of American Adults have a favorable impression of the IRS, including nine percent (9%) who have a Very Favorable view of the federal tax agency. That’s down from 2018, when 45% viewed the IRS favorably. Forty-four percent (44%) now view the IRS unfavorably, up from 42% four years ago. Another 14% are undecided.”

Trust in the IRS has eroded over the years. The agency was caught targeting conservative groups about a decade ago.

More recently, one IRS agent was caught discriminating against a group called Christians Engaged simply because it was Christian. The IRS overturned that employee’s ruling after controversy arose, but it shows the kind of worker lurking in the IRS.

Christians Engaged President Bunni Pounds said: “I am incredibly thankful to the IRS for doing the right thing, and we look forward to continuing our mission of educating more followers of Jesus to pray for our nation and to be civically engaged. When we stand up, our republic works for all Americans.”

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