Biden’s Ambassador Pick President Of University Accused of Being ‘Awash With Chinese Money’

Although the U.S. State Department has labeled Chinese donations to U.S. universities a potential national security risk, President Joe Biden seems unfazed by the University of Pennsylvania’s estimated hundreds of millions of dollars that it has received from China.

In fact, he’s seemingly so unfazed that, Biden’s is nominating the University’s president for the prestigious and influential position of U.S. ambassador to Germany, despite the university’s acceptance of questionable funds from China.

Amy Gutmann has been the president of the University of Pennsylvania since 2004. During her tenure, the university has received millions in donations from China.

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According to the Philadelphia Enquirer, UPenn received $258 million in foreign money between 2013 and 2020, the majority of which came from China.

The character of some of these donations is in question. In 2019, UPenn received $3 million from a Chinese businessman Xu Xeuqing.

Allegations Of Undisclosed Donations

National Legal and Policy Center, a right-leaning non-profit filed a complaint against UPenn alleging that the university received $22 million in undisclosed donations to the Penn Biden Center and $70 million from China in total.

According to NLPC, donations dramatically increased after the school established the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement in 2018.

“The University of Pennsylvania has stonewalled all inquiries into the identities of the Chinese donors who made $22 million anonymous donations to the university,” NLPC Chairman Peter Flaherty told Fox News.

The university denied having solicited any gifts for the Penn Biden Center.

Chinese Influence In U.S. Academia

China’s influence on U.S. academia cannot be overstated. Since 2013, U.S. universities received $1 billion in donations from China.

Many of these The Thousand Talents Program was set up to attract talent and reverse the brain-drain from China to the U.S. and Canada. However, the program could have more nefarious purposes.

A 2020 State Department memo warns that “talent recruits must sign legally binding contracts that often compel recipients to conceal their PRC relationship and funding.”

State Department cites numerous security risks associated with Chinese funding of U.S. universities.

“PRC talent contracts divert intellectual capital away from the U.S., skew funding decisions, decrease opportunities for U.S. students, enable China to unfairly benefit from U.S. government-funded scientific research and investment, and damage America’s economic and national security,” the State Department report continues.

“Academia is awash in Chinese cash. It’s time for administrators to start answering questions about it,” NLPC’s Chairman Flaherty said.

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