Biden’s Message to Latin America: ‘Our Border is Closed’

The White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said that Joe Biden administration’s message to Latin American countries is “that the border is closed right now,” meanwhile she acknowledged the official policy is that minors under 18 are the only ones being allowed to stay in America.

“I think we know we’ve seen the numbers that CBP puts out on a regular basis. We know there are more children, children under the age of 18, who are, of course, coming across the border. That is consistent with what our policy has been,” responded Psaki at her daily press briefing on Friday.

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“There are more children who are coming across the border and we’ve certainly confirmed and acknowledged that.

Go ahead. Well, you just heard from Jake Sullivan talking about on immigration, the need to have a consistent and continued message to communicate to migrants that the border is closed right now. We saw Ambassador Jacobson says there has to be a message on the airwaves and in that region as well. If you want to send the message to migrants that the border is closed. Shouldn’t President Biden be the one who is clearly delivering that message?

Psaki also mentioned an interview that President Biden did with Univision two weeks where he made it “absolutely clear, that now is not the time to come, that the majority of people are turned away at the border.”

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