Bitcoin Tests “Being Intellectually Open to New Ideas” Says Billionaire Investor

Famed hedge fund investor Dan Loeb took to twitter to tell the world that he’s been doing a deep dive into on crypto lately and, “it is a real test into being intellectually open to new and controversial ideas.”

Loeb’s comments were in response to a blog post entitled “NFTs and a Thousand True Fans” by Chris Dixon of Andreessen Horowitz. In the post, Dixon discusses how non-fungible tokens (crypto-currencies) will effect digital creators.

Bitcoin is in the spotlight again today after losing 20% last week. The crypto currency soared 470% in the past year and its viewed by many as a hedge against inflation given the move by Central banks around the worth to continue pumping liquidity into the markets.

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Increasingly, more institutions are getting into cryptos–specifically bitcoin. Tesla recently announced a $1.5 billion dollar investment, meanwhile, Mass Mutual, BlackRock, SkyBridge Capital have all announced positions in the space.


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Trish Regan
Trish Regan
Trish Regan is an award winning financial journalist, an American television talk show host and author who interprets political events through an economic lens.

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