Black Sports Journalist’s Twitter Account Reinstated Amid Comments on BLM Founder Patrisse Khan-Cullors

Twitter is allowing black sports journalist Jason Whitlock, a critic of the BLM movement, back on its platform.

The social media giant reportedly locked the black sports journalist out of his account after he criticized a Black Lives Matter co-founder for buying a a $1.4 million home in a mostly white neighborhood.

Black Lives Matter leader Patrisse Khan-Cullors recently bought a property in Topanga county. Whitlock tweeted that Topanga Canyon “has a black population of 1.4%” and that “She’s with her people!” while adding a link to the story on BLM leader’s purchase.

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Though the story tweeted by Whitlock did not include an address for Cullors, and despite the fact that numerous outlets also reported on Cullors’ new home, Whitlock was temporarily punished by Twitter.


“BLM is one of Big Tech’s sacred cows,” Whitlock, a former ESPN columnist and Fox Sports commentator, told reporters. “I think Twitter has been looking for an excuse to de-platform me.”

Twitter did not comment on the incident.

Meanwhile, Whitlock’s account is back on line now and has been reinstated.

Which is more than James O’Keefe at Project Veritas can say tonight…



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