Blackburn to Facebook and Twitter CEOs: “You Have Driven This Cancel Culture”

Sen. Marcha Blackburn (R-TN), addressed both CEOs of Twitter and Facebook and accused that to be the enablers of “Cancel Culture” in America.

“What each of you needs to realize, and you’ve heard it time and again today, you say that you don’t keep a list. Obviously, you have lists because there are some of us who are regularly censored and pulled down by your content moderators. Do we want to see these lists? Yes. How have you built these lists? We want to know. I would remind each of you, you are a Title 1 service, you are an information service, you are to be the new public square but what you are doing with your power that you have derived because federal law gave you the ability to stand up and grow without being hit by lawsuits, you have used this power to run amok. You have used it to silence conservatives. You have used it to build your lists.”

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“You have used this power to act like you hold all the power and can make these decisions. You have driven this cancel culture because you have not called to account your moderators, you have refused to take responsibility for your employees and their actions so thereby reigning you in on the issues of privacy, data security, content moderation, liability protections, defining who is a publisher in the virtual space, that is up to us because you have proven you do not have the will, the strength, the ability, and you will not accept the responsibility to do it for yourselves.”

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