BLM’s NY Leader Says Vaccine Mandates Are ‘Racist’

Hawk Newsome, the co-founder and chairman of Black Lives Matter of Greater New York said that the vaccine mandates are fundamentally racist, given the low rate of vaccination in the black community.

“I think, in a perfect world, [vaccine requirements] should be business by business. But it could be a slippery slope, so the mandate should be removed completely,” the Washington Examiner reported Newsome saying.

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“It’s not gonna be white men in suits on Wall Street who are gonna get stopped. There’s such hypocrisy in this thing.”

70 percent of black people in New York City, aged 18 to 44 have not received the injection, reported the Washington Examiner.

“It’s black people who have a natural distrust of the vaccine,” Newsome said. He cited the Tuskegee Syphilis Study as an example of historic distrust by black people of the U.S. medical community, despite the fact vaccines are accessible to people of all racial groups.

BLMGNY is advocating for the complete abolition of vaccine requirements, not only in the city but also on a national level.

Newsome, a Baptist, told the news outlet he is especially worried the vaccine mandates do not allow for religious exemptions.

“How dare they remove religious exemptions? It’s the most disrespectful thing I’ve ever seen,” Newsome said. “Now the government has decided your God doesn’t matter? I love God.”

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