Boston Mayor Prioritizes ‘Equitable Covid Vaccine Distribution’

Boston’s First Black Mayor Kim Janey says that her main priority will be to ensure equitable vaccine distribution to communities that have been hardest hit.

“It’s a huge priority for me, making sure that we are rolling out the vaccine equitably to communities that have been hardest hit,” told Janey to Rachel Maddow on MSNBC on Wednesday.

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“It’s no surprise that communities of color have been hit particularly hard, disproportionately here in Boston and in other cities across our nation. And that’s due to the preexisting inequities before covid. And so it is incredibly important that we make sure we’re getting the vaccine out equitably, that we are reaching all communities and lifting up those who have been hardest hit. And that is a number one priority for me so that we can reopen safely and make sure we’re getting businesses open and workers back to work and our students back in the classrooms with their teachers and their peers.”

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