Buttigieg Says the Answer to Climate Change is Democrats’ ‘Infrastructure’ Plan

Democrats have taken fire for their most aggressive climate change proposal and for the hefty price tag on Biden’s infrastructure plans.

Now, Democrats may be planning to put them together.

Oh boy.

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Transportation Secretary and failed presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg sparked controversy for saying that the Democrat’s infrastructure plan is the solution to climate change.

“As the West has been impacted by extreme weather events and some of the heat waves that have been going on, this is not going to go away,” he told KTLA. “We need to take serious climate action to stop it from getting worse and that’s part of what will happen, thanks to these investments we’re proposing to make on everything from electric vehicle infrastructure to more resilient infrastructure planning in our communities.”

The comments come on the heels of other controversial comments last month, where Buttigieg told ABC’s “The View” that there’s “no time to argue about climate change.”

“There’s no time to argue about whether it’s real — it’s happening, and it’s incredibly dangerous,” he said. “We’ve got to do two things. One, we’ve got to make our infrastructure more resilient, because this is going to keep happening. So, we’ve got to make sure that our roads and our bridges are designed for rising sea levels and more heat waves.”

Democrats have taken heavy fire for their insistence that the infrastructure bill deviate from traditional infrastructure spending. Most Americans think of infrastructure as roads, bridges, etc. But the Democrats have tried to shoehorn a host of pet projects including healthcare and others items.

Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., recently called for a whopping $3.5 trillion infrastructure bill, more than triple the latest compromise.

“I’m going to fight to make that proposal as robust as it can be,” Sen. Sanders said after meeting at the White House.

Whether he gets any traction or will withhold his vote from a much smaller compromise remains to be seen.

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