Caitlyn Jenner: You Can’t Have a Healthy America With a ‘Sick California’

California gubernatorial candidate Caitlyn Jenner blasted Governor Gavin Newsom for ruining the states’ economy and pushing people to leave.

“You can’t have a healthy America with a sick California. And you know what? California is sick right now?” Jenner told Fox News on Wednesday.

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“Californians are smart and they’re not going to forget,” Jenner said. “California’s decline really has accelerated under Gavin Newsom.”

Jenner said that the tax system in California is “out of control” due to excessive regulations that are pushing people and businesses to leave the state. “We’ve got a tax system that is out of control – all controlled by Gavin Newsom and Sacramento,” Jenner said. “We have taxes on almost everything.”

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