Cancelling Rumble? Reddit Starts Blocking Video Platform

Reddit users have reported that the social media site is censoring alternative video platform Rumble in private messages, by not allowing them to share links.

Reclaim The Net reported that:

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Screenshots shared show that the platform is informing users that their messages containing links to Rumble are blocked by domain filters.

Reclaim The Net was able to independently confirm this, also seeing that, on Desktop, any private messages that contained a link to a Rumble simply failed to turn up in the recipient’s inbox.

Rumble has dramatically grown in popularity particularly around the troubled US presidential elections in November and an onset of widespread censorship on its mainstream giant corporate competitors.

Last year, another alternative video social network, BitChute, also saw links to blocked in Reddit posts. Users at the time noticed that any post containing such links was being automatically removed, with no obvious moderator action taking place, while links could still be posted in comments.

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