Capitol Hill Staffers Are Unionizing, But One Democrat Isn’t Excited About It

A collection of staffers on Democratic hill are seeking to form their own union, but at least one Democrat has reservations.

Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.V., did not totally oppose the effort but showed skepticism, saying staffers serve the American people.

“I want to make sure we serve the people of West Virginia,” he said. “That’s our responsibility. But if there’s staff that is not being treated fairly, that should be looked into and taken care of. I’ve always been a big supporter of the unions, having a right to unionize. … I’m here at the will and pleasure of the people. They have a chance to change and things of that sort. So we got to make sure we’re doing it and doing it right. My greatest thing is to have the best staff I possibly can to serve the people of West Virginia,”

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The union said the vast majority of Hill staffers want more of “a voice” at work.

“After more than a year of organizing as a volunteer group of congressional staff, we are proud to publicly announce our efforts to unionize the personal offices and committees of Congress, in solidarity with our fellow workers across the United States and the world,” the group said.

Meanwhile, President Joe Biden has officially endorsed the movement.

“Finally, there’s some talk on Capitol Hill about congressional staffers unionizing,” one reporter asked during the White House press briefing. “Does the President support that?”

Whie House Press Secretary Jen Psaki gave the White House’s full endorsement.

“He does,” she said. “He supports the right of any individual to seek to join a union, to collective bargain. And of course, Capitol Hill staffers are certainly individuals who are pursuing that.”

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