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Fed Working on Graphics, Software For a U.S. ‘Digital Dollar’

Fed chairman Jerome Powell confirmed that he and his colleagues are "evaluating" the introduction of a digital dollar, as well as working on software...

Bitcoin May Be A “Chinese Weapon” Says Paypal’s Peter Thiel

Noted conservative Peter Thiel through some cold water on bitcoin Wednesday. The founder of PayPal questioned whether the upside in bitcoin might be related...

Cryptocurrency Exchange Coinbase Posts Massive $1 Billion Profit Ahead of Public Debut

The cryptocurrency platform Coinbase Global, Inc. released its preliminary first-quarter revenue numbers Tuesday that showed a record first quarter. Revenue for the first three...

Bitcoin the New Gold? Fed Chief Says Bitcoin is “Substitute” for Precious Metal

The Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Jerome Powell, downplayed the threat of bitcoin someday replacing the U.S. dollar and becoming a "currency for the...

Morgan Stanley Becomes First Big Bank to Offer Rich Clients Bitcoin Funds

Morgan Stanley is about to become one of the first major investment banks to offer its wealthy clients the ability to invest in bitcoin. In...

Gold Rebounds As Palladium Prices Soar

Gold prices turned positive on Thursday as investors swept in to buy the precious metal after it had declined as much as 1% earlier...

New 1,000,000 Bolivar Bill in Venezuela Worth Just $0.53 U.S.

Venezuela is once again showing the world the dangers of a corrupt socialist economy. At issue, its newest currency note that demonstrates the dangers...

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