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Disaster: New Study Finds Biden’s Tax Plan Will Slash Jobs, Cost American Households Up to $8k Each

Joe Biden's $4 trillion tax plan would reduce employment by up to 3 million jobs, depress GDP (per capita) by 4 to 5%, and...

President’s Trump Trade Deficit in Focus as Coronavirus Shutdowns Hurt U.S. Producers

Today, investors will get the latest report on the U.S. trade deficit. It's expected to show an increase amid still ongoing shutdowns and a...

The Dreaded “I” Word

Yes, the dreaded "I" word. And I am not, not  talking about egotism. Nope, I am referring to that bane of the modern central...

Trish: If Biden Wins Get Ready For 1970s Bell-Bottoms and Stagflation

In the disco-loving days of the 1970s, John Travolta was dazzling Americans in white bell-bottoms while dancing to the Bee-Gees in the hit movie...

From Hospital, President Trump Urges Stimulus: “Work Together and Get it Done”

From his hospital room at Walter Reed, President Trump urged lawmakers to come together to push for a coronavirus stimulus bill saying, "Our great...

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