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Biden Should Not Emulate Europe; American-Style Capitalism Still Works

Low productivity, slow innovation and high unemployment--THAT could be the U.S. if it implements European-style economic policies. President Joe Biden received a royal welcome in...

Guess Who Would Not Have to Pay G-7 Tax?

As Biden sits down with G-7 leaders to discuss the future of the free world, one item certain to make his agenda will be...

Trish: Investors Are Betting the Fed Won’t Budge on Rates

Investors are actually bidding markets higher amid news of the hottest inflation read in 13 years, and biggest jump in food and energy prices...

Trish Regan: Inflation Highest In Decades

Just call us inflation nation. U.S. consumer prices went up again, jumping 5% in the month of May versus last year, to registering their highest...

Trish Rips The Biden Team For Trying Tax The World: ‘It’s the Blind Leading the Blind’

Trish Regan called out the Biden team highlighting that the administration's proposal for a global tax is even more socialist than the socialist Europeans...

‘They’re Going to Borrow Money Forever!’ Former Trump Aide Bashes Biden’s Budget Plans

As President Joe Biden continues to propose trillions of dollars in federal spending, one former Trump administration official is speaking out. Former acting White House...

Deutsche Bank: Biden Policies are Driving U.S. Towards Worst Inflation in History

Deutsche Bank released a strong report on Tuesday blasting Joe Biden's increased government spending and relaxed monetary policy which are driving the United States...

G7 Agrees To Tax Big Tech 15%: ‘No More Tax Avoidance’

This is breaking story and will be updated... Finance ministers from the G7 group of leading economies have agreed a deal on tackling corporate tax...

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