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Trish: The Economy is Doing Far Better than Biden Wants You to Think

It seems the left's political play is to reinvent economic facts. Indeed, there is an effort underway to convince Americans that things are REALLY...

WOW! Small Business Optimism Soars

 Despite all the challenges that American businesses are facing, you can't keep stop Americans from being optimistic. At least, not according to the most...

The $1.5 Trillion Student Loan Debacle That U.S. Taxpayers Are on The Hook For

$1.5 Trillion. That's how much money U.S. students owe in higher education debt in this country. It's a number that has crept steadily higher, ballooning...

Do You Know What Your Share of our National Debt Is?

$216,000 per taxpayer. $81,948 per person. Welcome to your personal share of our national debt. And, it's a debt load that's growing by the minute. As lawmakers contemplate...

Trish: Two Vastly Different Policy Approaches–Only One Will Grow The Economy

http://https://youtu.be/WcjiZf7gve0 It was a historic debate. With their potential bosses both in their 70s, either of the candidates on stage Wednesday evening in Salt Lake City...

Disaster: New Study Finds Biden’s Tax Plan Will Slash Jobs, Cost American Households Up to $8k Each

Joe Biden's $4 trillion tax plan would reduce employment by up to 3 million jobs, depress GDP (per capita) by 4 to 5%, and...

President’s Trump Trade Deficit in Focus as Coronavirus Shutdowns Hurt U.S. Producers

Today, investors will get the latest report on the U.S. trade deficit. It's expected to show an increase amid still ongoing shutdowns and a...

The Dreaded “I” Word

Yes, the dreaded "I" word. And I am not, not  talking about egotism. Nope, I am referring to that bane of the modern central...

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