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Home Depot Counters Organized Retail Crime With Bluetooth Tech

As retailers face a surge in organized retail crime, Home Depot is fighting back with new tech. The home-improvement retailer will use Bluetooth technology...

Joe Biden’s Disapproval Rating at 52%

Rasmussen Reports released a new poll showing President Joe Biden's approval rating hitting a new low at 46%. 52% of Americans disapprove of him...

Trish: Investors Nervous Ahead of Fed Update, Though Markets Still Higher

Investors are waiting on new guidance from the Federal Reserve. Fed officials are set to conclude their two-day policy meeting on Wednesday. A statement...

Was Eric Swalwell Compromised By Relationship with Chinese Spy Fang Fang?

Representative Eric Swalwell is coming under increased fire for his position on the House Intelligence Committee amid questions about his relationship with a woman...

Arrest Warrant Issued For Fleeing Texas Dems

The Texas Democrats who fled their home state to avoid voting on measures to protect the integrity of their own elections have continued to...

‘We Need Our Police Back’: Trump Blasts ‘Defund The Police’ After Senator Assaulted

Defund the police rhetoric has led to a spike in crime in cities around the country. The Democrat-led messaging has cut police funding and empowered...

‘We Will Fight This’: Republicans Sue Nancy Pelosi Over Mask Fines

Republicans are tired of wearing masks, and they are definitely tired of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for telling them they have to. Several Republican lawmakers...

Poll Means Bad News For Hyper Liberal Gavin Newsom

Embattled California Governor Gavin Newsom has fought off an unending wave of criticism for his many mistakes as governor. Now, it looks like the people...

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