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Investors Sell on the News: Tesla’s Stock Lower After First $1 Billion In Quarterly Profit

Tesla managed record profits in the second quarter of 2021, beating analyst predictions and brushing away the semiconductor shortage. The company reported $1.14 billion in...

US Stocks Drop Amid Chinese Tech Stock Meltdown

U.S. stocks futures fell Tuesday amid growing concerns about the ripple effect of the Chinese tech stock crash. Chinese regulators are cracking down hard on...

China Threatens to Make $100 Billion Tutoring Industry “Non-Profit”

China's $100 billion a year tutoring industry may soon be forced to go "non-profit" amid growing concerns about escalating costs. Bloomberg writes that the CCP...

Trish: Markets Focus on Key Tech Earnings

Investors are getting ready for a big week of key tech earnings and so far, so good. Investors hope to build on last week's...

Trish: Stocks Crushing It Amid More Earnings Optimism – Nasdaq Nears 15k

U.S. stock moved higher Friday as strong earnings results increased optimism among investors. The concerns about the delta variant and weak growth were pushed aside...

Jobless Claims Spike

The number of people filing for unemployment in the latest week rose to 419,000, returning weekly claims to a level not recorded since early...

Trish: Markets Up As Earnings Beat Predictions

U.S. stock futures rose Thursday morning as strong earnings results took some focus away from the concern about the Delta variant. According to Bloomberg, about...

Trish’s Market Notes: Stocks Rebound As Traders Turn Focus Away From Pandemic

U.S. stock futures rose in premarket trading Wednesday as earnings data took focus away from rising global coronavirus cases. Thus far, the S&P 500...

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