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How To Invest In Gold (And Why You Should)

You've got to admit: gold is an investment that has certainly stood the test of time. It's been used as a store of value for...

Americans Pocket Record Amounts of Cash in Cash-Out Home Refinancing

Americans are pulling the most money out of their homes through cash-out refinancing since the year just before the financial crisis of 2008. Many have...

Trish: Here’s WHY You Want to Be Invested in Stocks EVEN At These Levels

Investors bid-up stock prices Wednesday as they bet on an increasingly accommodative Federal Reserve. Consumer Price Inflation data from February came in slightly lower than...

Cue the Stimulus! Dow Up Nearly 600 Points – But, When Does the Music Stop?

Investors welcomed the idea of more money flooding the economy on Monday. At mid day, the Dow traded up 600 points to 32,100 for...

Dow Plunges More than 300 Points As Investors Fear Higher Rates

The markets ended the day lower Thursday, as investors reacted to fears of higher interest rates from the Federal Reserve. The Dow Jones Industrial Average...

Bitcoin Tests “Being Intellectually Open to New Ideas” Says Billionaire Investor

Famed hedge fund investor Dan Loeb took to twitter to tell the world that he's been doing a deep dive into on crypto lately...

Markets SURGE – Dow up Nearly 700 Points

Investors are welcoming the month of March with a massive rally. In early trading Monday, the market surged. By late morning, the Dow traded up...

US Markets Mixed: Nasdaq Higher as Dow Plunges More than 200 Points

Markets were mixed by midday Friday with the Dow Jones Industrial Average trading off 232 points at 31,172 and the tech-heavy Nasdaq Composite Index...

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