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2020 IPO Frenzy The Biggest Since 1999–And Investors Say 2021 Could Be Even Bigger

Most IPOs Since 1999. What a year. Despite a world-wide pandemic, Wall Street managed to pull-off a record number of initial public offerings, raising $167.2 billion...

Boeing’s 737 Max Returns to the Skies

After a two-year hiatus from flying, the Boeing 737 Max returned to the skies today. American Airlines flew the first commercial 737 flight by a...

2021 Goals: Invest

If 2020 has shown Americans anything, it's the importance of preparing for the unexpected. From an investing perspective, 2020 showed the benefit of being ready to...

Sugar High: INSANE Spending Puts America At Risk of Becoming Third-World Economy

Bloated Assets Eventually Explode--Which Means Our Economy Is Hanging By A Thread When I was a kid, my mom would give me a dime and...

Markets End Higher on Stimulus

The markets reacted positively on Monday to news that aid is coming to consumers and small businesses. President Trump signed the Covid-19 relief bill...

H-1B Visa: U.S. Department of Labor Has Failed to Protect American Workers

H-1B Visa is a non-immigrant visa that allows U.S. employers to temporarily employ foreign professionals in specialty occupations for three years, extendable to six...

Trish: Making Sense of the Total Disconnect Between Stocks and the Economy

We're higher than 30k on the Dow and most investors believe the market is just getting started. "How can that be?" A sensible person might...

Trish Regan: Will Stocks Soar In Santa Claus Rally?

In 1972, the creator of the Stock Trader's Almanac Yale Hirsch, identified the last five trading sessions of the year, along with the first two of...

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